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Get Out of Your Dinner Time Rut!

New ideas every week to help you get dinner on the table without having to think about it. 

Eat Better Dinners is a dinner menu planning service designed for kiwi families.

The inspiration of food boxes, without the price, waste, and inflexibility

How It Works

Every week you’ll receive an email with 3 new meals to try, full recipes for them, shopping lists, and suggested protein and vegetable swaps to make them work for you.

Simply decide the meals you want to make, skip any you don’t fancy, swap proteins and veges as you need to, and if you need more inspiration, add any meals from our growing archive.

Then add the ingredients to your weekly shop, cook and enjoy!


Our meals use in season, easily obtainable ingredients with a focus on modern twists on family friendly flavours.

Family Friendly

Our meals are fully customisable to your family with suggested protein and vegetable swaps.


Our meals are designed for weeknight cooking – all are fast, easy, and won’t require the use of every utensil and pot you own.

You shop for your own ingredients giving you full control of what’s on your plate

• Each recipe includes suggested protein swaps to cater for different tastes
• Control your portion sizes to cater for number of people, bigger, or smaller appetites
• Minimise wastage by swapping in ingredients you already have
• If you are trying to eat organic, or low salt/ sugar etc you can still do so
• Shop any way that suits; online, in store, weekend markets, from your own garden etc.
• We simply take the pain away of dreaming up new ways to cook sausages, chicken breast and other weeknight staples.

Get creative in the kitchen

Through our suggested swaps and modern twists on everyday ingredients we hope to encourage you to get creative in the kitchen while removing the stress of what to have for dinner.

With Eat Better Dinners you can enjoy endless meal possibilities without waste, tailored to your household’s specific preferences.

What our customers are saying:
“My kids are actually eating these meals! We make a few swaps to some but in general they’ve been great” Kim R

“What I love about this service is being able to swap out ingredients. I’m vegetarian so if there’s a steak meal that looks awesome, we’ll get steak for my boyfriend and a halluomi or mushroom swap for me.” Christy P

“Most of these meals are so easy to make my teenagers can get dinner ready – love. We’ve got some new family favourites now too!” Mel W

“As a single guy I’m loving being able to buy my own ingredients. I try to eat lower carb and its so easy to manage this with these meals. I no longer wander aimlessly around the supermarket trying to think of things to have for dinner” Alex M