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Frequently asked questions 

What is Eat Better Dinners?

We are a dinner menu planning service for busy kiwi households. We provide all the tools for you to shop for, prepare and cook easy, nutritious and delicious meals for you and your family. We want to make dinner at your place easy, flexible and nutritious.

Why should I pay for recipes when there are heaps free on Google

Eat Better Dinners have done the hard work for you – the recipes are tested, adapted and re tested in average NZ kitchens using readily available ingredients. All meals are complete – this isn’t like when you find a great chicken recipe but still need to figure out what to have with it. Eat Better Dinners takes the thinking out of dinnertime.

What do I get when I subscribe?

Sign up to a weekly, monthly or annual plan and every week you will receive a weekly dinner plan email, with three printable recipes, swap suggestions and a shopping list.

You can choose which meals to make, on which days, and which ingrediants to keep / swap / shop for.

Why not just use a food box delivery service?
While these services can come in handy for some people, they can be quite restrictive. They lack the flexibility needed to accommodate dietary needs, likes, dislikes, changing household routines and other unknowns.
Eat Better Dinners provides the inspiration, easy dinner recipes and shopping list, but we also give you a list of swap-out options so you can tweak it to suit your family.
You have the freedom to choose which meal you cook on which day, control the number of ingredients you buy to suit an extended family dinner or a meal for two, or change key ingredients depending on your preferences.
Do I have to be a great cook?
We have designed all our dinner recipes to be simple, fast and easy to follow. The average kiwi cook can create tasty meals in 30 minutes or less (any that take longer will be only due to cooking times, not preparation time.) That is why we call them easy dinner recipes!

Unless you are a complete beginner who needs step by step instructions, you will be able to follow and understand all our recipes.

Will the meals cost a lot to make?
Our aim is to inspire you while keeping things simple. Recipes will be based around what is currently in season. There won’t be anything too fancy or hard to find in there. All ingredients will be common, and you will find many meals that are a twist on everyday foods.
How much does a subscription cost?

We want Eat Better Dinners to be a cost-effective way to solve the meal planning rut many people find themselves in. For around the cost of a cup of coffee a week, you will get all the meal inspiration you need.

An Eat Better Dinners subscription costs:
Weekly NZD$4,95
Monthly NZD$12.95
Annual NZD$99

What if I have special dietary needs?

The beauty of Eat Better Dinners is that it is fully customisable and flexible. Because we include swap suggestions for every recipe, you can easily replace meat/fish/poultry with other protein options, or make other swaps to accommodate for lower carb, low salt/ sugar other dietary requirements

Gluten & Dairy Free: Most of our meals are ‘naturally’ gluten and dairy free – where they aren’t full alternatives will be given. All ‘make your own’ versions of sauces and marinades are dairy and gluten free.

We do assume you are already aware of the standard things to watch out for when shopping such as gluten free sausages, or Tamari/ GF soy sauce, and are able to make swaps like gluten free pasta without having to call these out.

Other allergies & intolerances:
Our meals focus on fresh, in season, everyday ingredients. We don’t often use nuts, but we don’t specifically create nut, or other trigger foods such as eggs, or nightshades, free meals.

With everything being customizable and you shopping for your own ingredients you may find Eat Better Dinners works for you, but we don’t specifically cater for anything other than Dairy and Gluten Free.

Can I see a sample meal plan?

Of course – please click the below two links to see recent samples of the weekly menus.

Meal plan 1

Meal plan 2

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