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Why Subscribe to Eat Better Dinners?  

If you are looking for delicious, fresh and flexible dinner ideas, then you are in the right place!

Eat Better Dinners is a dinner menu planning service for ‘everyday’ households. Our recipes are quick, with a focus on family friendly, flavourful and fresh food. You won’t need to use every utensil you own and spend hours in the kitchen to make these meals. Nor will you need to go to seven stores to source the ingredients. Our recipes are nearly all on the table in under 30 minutes, and where they take longer it’s due to time in the oven, not complicated prep.

Unlike food boxes, food bags and meal delivery services, Eat Better Dinners offers you complete flexibility. Using our in-season dinner recipes, you can choose which meals to cook and when you want to cook them.

We simply take the pain away of dreaming up new ways to cook sausages, chicken breast and other weeknight staples.

Because you do the shopping, you can choose the amount to cook and switch the ingredients you don’t like, or that don’t work for your family.

We provide you with a flexible meal plan

We want our subscribers to truly look forward to receiving their menu plans every week, so the recipes are painstakingly chosen and adapted for busy Kiwi households.

All of the dinner ideas are fully customisable, with suggested protein swaps, and designed to work with swaps for whatever vegetables you have to hand/ eat, so you can cater for even the fussiest eater or most specific dietary requirements.

We work with seasonal produce

As the weeks go on, your dinner plan recipes will change to use the freshest in-season produce available. Because our dinner ideas are not set in stone with only the provided ingredients available, you can support your local farmers market, dash into the supermarket, or pluck fresh produce right from your own vegetable garden – whatever suits you!

We provide flexibility

Our dinner ideas are specifically designed so they can be tailored to your family’s needs. Maybe you prefer to buy organic ingredients, free-range meat, or are a vegan or vegetarian household.
You may have a large family or be cooking for one or two – and this can change from week to week. Whatever your family’s tastes are, Eat Better Dinners is designed to work for you.

We inspire you!

Food doesn’t have to be gourmet to be nutritious and enjoyable. Using in-season ingredients, clever twists on everyday foods and classic kiwi favourites, we will deliver inspirational dinner ideas to your inbox every week.

Our Dinner Ideas make life easier!

Life can be busy and unpredictable. One of the most frustrating aspects of daily life is figuring out what to cook for dinner.
And this isn’t just a one-time deal. Every day you are faced with the task of deciding what to whip up when you get home at the end of a hectic day.

Most of us get stuck in a rut, preparing the same three or four meals we know by heart every week. This often happens because we simply don’t have the time or energy to try out something new.

Eat Better Dinners simplifies weeknight meal planning, and gets you out of your dinnertime rut, without committing to eating foods you don’t like.

Subscribe to Eat Better Dinners now to start receiving your inspirational dinner ideas today!

We’ve tried all the food delivery boxes available and although we enjoyed the convenience we missed the flexibility of choosing our own ingredients, portion sizes, and meal timings throughout the week to suit our family,

With Eat Better Dinners, flexibility is key.
You understand your family’s needs better than anyone else, and what works for your tastes and appetites.

We wanted to create a weekly dinner plan that gave enough flexibility to work in with your situation, yet takes the monotonous stress away of what to have for dinner day in day out.

What do you get?

Weekly Dinner Inspiration

A dinner plan email, with 3 printable dinner recipes direct to your inbox each week.

Shopping Lists

Your weekly email includes a printable shopping list. Buy only as much or as little of it as you need.

Access to our growing archives

Eat Better Dinner subscribers get access to our recipe archives – use these if you need more inspiration at any time.
You choose which meals you wish to make, on which day, and will have the flexibility to replace key ingredients like proteins or vegetables to suit your needs.

Are you the main household cook looking for meal inspiration with flexibility? Then sign up to our menu planning service today for less than the price of a cup of coffee per week. And start enjoying tasty, fast and fresh meals without the hassle or restrictions right away!

What our customers are saying:
“My kids are actually eating these meals! We make a few swaps to some but in general they’ve been great” Kim R

“What I love about this service is being able to swap out ingredients. I’m vegetarian so if there’s a steak meal that looks awesome, we’ll get steak for my boyfriend and a halluomi or mushroom swap for me.” Christy P

“Most of these meals are so easy to make my teenagers can get dinner ready – love. We’ve got some new family favourites now too!” Mel W

“As a single I’m loving being able to buy my own ingredients. I try to eat lower carb and its so easy to manage this with these meals. I no longer wander aimlessly around the supermarket trying to think of things to have for dinner” Alex M